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  • National Univ of Singapore, Doctor of Philosophy, 2009

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Tony (Tie) Luo

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Computer Science
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  • National Univ of Singapore, Doctor of Philosophy, 2009

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I work on the interplay between Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things, as well as adversarial machine learning and IoT security. My objectives are to explore interesting and sensible synergy between AI and IoT, design robust machine learning algorithms for untrustworthy environments, and safeguard vulnerable IoT systems against malicious attacks. I received my Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering from the National University of Singapore, and worked at A*STAR (the largest research institute in Singapore) as a Scientist and a Program Lead. I joined Missouri S&T in Dec 2019 as an associate professor, and am currently an Investigator of the Intelligent Systems Center (ISC), the Center for Intelligent Infrastructure (CII), and the High-Performance Computing Center (HPCC). I am an IEEE Senior Member, ACM Member, and AAAI Member.


Expertise areas

Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Cyber Security

Current research projects

  • Robust Federated Learning for Internet of Things

Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Cyber Security

Research funding

  • National Science Foundation 2020-2023

Research grants

  • National Science Foundation 2020-2023


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      Awards and recognition


      • ACM CoNEXT 2020 Faculty Travel Grant
      • IEEE INFOCOM 2015 Best Paper Award nominee
      • ICTC 2012 Best Paper Award
      • AAIM 2018 Best Student Paper Award


      • IEEE Senior Member