About Daniel Stutts


  • Purdue University Main Campus, Doctor of Philosophy, 1990

Daniel Stutts

Prof, asoc
Mechanical & Aerospace Engin
282 Toomey Hall

573-341-4084 | stutts@mst.edu


  • Purdue University Main Campus, Doctor of Philosophy, 1990


Research interests

Dynamics, vibrations, modeling and development of piezoactuators and transducers-mechatronics, mechanics of bone, design of orthopedic implants, structural dynamics, optimal design and acoustics.


Selected Publications
  • Beccue, P., Neely, J., Pekerak, S. and Stutts, D. S., "Measurement and Control of Torque Ripple Induced Frame Torsional
    Vibration in a Surface Mount Permanent Magnet Machine," IEEE
    Transactions of Power Electronics., Vol. 20, No. 1, January 2005.
  • N. Navapan, R. W. Schwartz, D. S. Stutts, and J. A. Wood, "Characterization and Modeling of Local Deformation Response in Stress-
    Biased Piezoelectric Actuators," IEEE International Ultrasonics,
    Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control 50th Anniversary Joint Conference,
    24-27 August, 2004,Montréal, Canada.
  • Stutts, D. S., "Innovations in the Senior Mechanical Engineering Systems Laboratory,"
    38th ASEE Midwest Regional Section Meeting, Univ. Missouri-Rolla, Rolla,
    MO, Sept. 10-12, 2003.
  • Dalton, J. S., Stutts, D. S., Montgomery, R. L., "Mini-Labs in the Undergraduate Classical Controls Course," Proc. ASEE
    Annual Conf. & Exposition, June 23-25, 2003, Nashville, TN
  • Beccue, P., Neely, J., Pekarek, S., and D. S. Stutts, "Utilization of a Piezoelectric Polymer to Sense Harmonics of
    Electromagnetic Torque," IEEE Power Electronics Letters, Sept. 2003, Vol. 1,
    No. 3, pp 69-73.
  • J. R. Friend and D. S. Stutts, "The dynamics of an annular piezoelectric motor stator," Journal of Sound
    and Vibration, 204 (1997) 421-443.
  • J. R. Cummings, D. S. Stutts, and L. R. Dharani, "An analytical composite model of a piezoelectric traveling wave motor
    for optimal design and manufacture," Design for Manufacturability and
    Manufacture of Ceramic Components Symposium, American Ceramic
    Society 96th Annual Meeting, Indianapolis, IN, April 24-18, 1994.
  • D. S. Stutts, C. M. Krousgrill and W. Soedel, "Fore-and aft forces in tire wheel assemblies generated by a stiffness
    nonuniformity and the influence of parametric excitation," Journal of Sound
    and Vibration, 179 (1995) 499-512.
  • D. S. Stutts and W. Soedel, "A simplified dynamic model of the effect of internal damping on rolling
    resistance in pneumatic tires," Journal of Sound and Vibration, 155 (1992)
  • D. S. Stutts and W. Soedel, "Fore and aft forces in tire-wheel assemblies generated by unbalances and
    the influence of balancing," Tire Science and Technology, 19 (1991) 142-162.

Awards and recognition


  • 2005 Boeing Welliver Fellowship
  • AMAE Excellence Award for Faculty Service, October 2001
  • ASEE Outstanding New Mechanics Educator Award (1995)
  • Honorary member of Keramos, Ceramic Engineering Honors Society (1994)
  • Elected to Sigma Xi (1993)