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Joseph Smith

Chemical & Biochemical Engrg
110 ERL

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Dr. Joseph D. Smith Smith currently holds the Laufer Endowed Energy Chair in the Biological and Chemical Engineering department at Missouri University of Science and Technology (MS&T). His research program is focused on developing and evaluating novel Hybrid Energy Systems to improve energy security and enhance rural econommic development. Dr. Smith also conducts research on reducing the environmental impact of using unconventional hydrocarbon resources.

Dr. Joseph D. Smith has over 25 years experience in the Fossil-Fired Power Industries with a speciality in the application of comprehensive CFD analysis of coal combustion and gasification aimed at reducing CO/NOx emissions, minimizing fouling and slagging, and improving combustion efficiency by lowering Carbon in Ash. Dr. Smith serves as an expert witness in cases involving gas flaring and other combustion technology.

Dr. Smith was trained by Drs. L.D. Smoot and P.J. Smith at Brigham Young University in the Advanced Combustion Engineering Research Center where he received a B.S. Chem Eng (1983), M.S. Chem Eng (1984) and a Ph.D. Chem Eng (1990). During his PhD work, Dr. Smith was selected as an American Western Universities Fellow. Dr. Smith has published over 35 papers, has given more than 60 conference papers, and holds seven patents. Dr. Smith contributed two chapters to the John Zink Combustion Handbook and one chapter to the Industrial Burner Handbook.

Dr. Smith has served on the faculties of Tennessee Technological University, University of Michigan, University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign, and the University of Tulsa. Prior to joining MS&T, he led the Advanced Process and Decision Systems Department at the Idaho National Laboratory where he focused on developing and evaluating advanced Hybrid Energy Systems to increase energy security for the U.S. Military. Dr. Smith has extensive industrial experience working for the Cabot Corporation (developed and patented new nano-particle formation technology to produce high surface area fumed ceria), the Dow Chemical Company (developed and applied novel technology for chlorinated hydrocarbon incineration), and Koch Industries (application of CFD to hydrocarbon and chemical industries and developing new gas flaring technologies). Dr. Smith has served as the local section chair for both the Mid-Michigan and Tulsa sections of AIChE and has served as the national AIChE chair for the Student Chapters Committee and as the national chair of the AIChE national student paper competition.


Research interests

Advanced Hybrid Energy Systems that enhance Energy Security and expand rural economies
Developing novel combustion technology for processing unconventional hybrocarbons including oil shale and tar sands
Biomass gasification, Biopower generation, and Biofuels production