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  • University of Georgia, Doctor of Philosophy, 2012

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Daniel Shank

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  • University of Georgia, Doctor of Philosophy, 2012

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Dr. Daniel B. Shank is an associate professor of psychological science at Missouri Science & Technology specializing in the areas of social psychology and technology. He has a BA in Computer Science (Harding University), an MS in Artificial Intelligence (University of Georgia), an MA and PhD in Sociology (University of Georgia). He did postdoctoral research fellowships at the University of Alabama Birmingham and at the University of Melbourne (Australia) before joining Missouri S&T.

His research primarily focuses on social psychological interactions with and perceptions of artificial intelligence. These technologies include recommender systems, smart home systems, personal assistants, AI agents, robots, and creative AIs. The research studies consider human-AI interaction, human-AI teams, comparing humans and AIs directly, morality, emotions, impression, and behavior toward AIs.

Dr. Shank has received over $3 million in five major grants and several smaller internal grants. He has published over 40 articles in psychology, sociology, and behavioral science technology journals such as the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, the Journal of Experimental Psychology Applied, Technology, Mind, and Behavior, Social Science Research, Computers in Human Behavior, American Behavioral Scientist, and Human Factors.


Expertise areas

Social Psychology, Psychology of Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Affective Impressions, Groups

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  • 2021 Research Award Given for involving students in research.
    College of Arts, Science, and Business, Missouri S&T.
  • 2019 Faculty Research Award Missouri S&T

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2023 Spring Semester