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  • University of Missouri - Rolla, Master's Degree - 1st entry, 1990

Clayton Price

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Computer Science
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  • University of Missouri - Rolla, Master's Degree - 1st entry, 1990


As the freshman and transfer student advisor for the CS department undergraduate students, I will be your primary conduit of information about this department. As a first year student, I will be your academic advisor. I will guide you through many of the “hoops” that you encounter in any new adventure. Beginning college studies can be a bit overwhelming at times, but it doesn’t need to be. You must always remember one thing: don’t be afraid to ask questions. You will often start with your academic advisor. My goal is to familiarize you with the system here on the campus so that you will be able to navigate your way through to a victorious graduation.

In addition to advising, I coordinate the introductory programming course, CS 1570/1580. You will gain a solid foundation in programming using a high-level object-oriented language (C++), enabling you to master the data structures course and subsequent computer science course work. Most likely you will pick up other languages along the way. In CS 1570, my staff of graduate teaching assistants and I will strive to teach not just the programming language, but the difficult art of problem solving. As a computer scientist, you will be involved with the search for solutions to a myriad of problem types. Thus, you must be adept at applying standard solution techniques, but also developing new, innovative ideas. We will teach you to think analytically. At the same time, we will make this class fun. Past and future assignments include games and simulations. It will be a tough course, but you will be rewarded with a deep understanding of the programming language, the object-oriented paradigm, and the problem solving process.

As an upperclassman, you may have me as an instructor for one of the numerical analysis courses. You are required to take the CS 228 course, where you will learn basics of solving problems in mathematics on the real line by “discretizing” the processes. In CS 5201, a non-required course, you will carry this idea to a much higher level. Both are exciting and challenging courses.

I too came to this campus as a freshman many years ago. I came because of the history and reputation of the campus. It is a wonderful place to study, to live, to make friends, and to launch a career. This university will not let you down!

Teaching Interest: Introduction to Computer Science, Introduction to Programming with C++, C++¿Programming Lab, Data Structures I, Introduction to Numerical Analysis, Object Oriented Numerical Modeling