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  • Iowa State University, Doctor of Philosophy, 2021

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Niranjana Krishnan

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Biological Sciences
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  • Iowa State University, Doctor of Philosophy, 2021

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Niranjana Krishnan obtained her PhD in Toxicology from the Entomology department at Iowa State University. Working with advisors Drs. Steven Bradbury and Joel Coats, she assessed the risk of insecticide exposures on monarch butterflies. Prior to that, she obtained her Bachelor's degree in Microbiology from University of Mumbai and Master's degree in Biomedical Genetics from Vellore Institute of Technology, India.

Niranjana's current research interest is to apply in vivo, in vitro, and in silico techniques to estimate risk of chemical exposures on invertebrate species, including species of conservation concern. Techniques of interest include testing of whole organisms, generation of models to extrapolate toxic effects, development of adverse outcome pathways, assessment of toxicokinetic and toxicodynamic factors to elucidate differences in interspecies susceptibility, etc.

Her CV can be found here: https://works.bepress.com/niranjana-krishnan/cv/download/


Expertise areas

Ecotoxicology, Ecological Risk Assessment, Pesticides

Invertebrate Toxicology Lab

Research interests

Conservation of at-risk invertebrate species, Advancing Tox21 in invertebrate toxicology


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      Awards and recognition


      • Best Paper Award Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry journal 2020
      • Research Excellence Award Iowa State University 2020
      • Supplemental Training for Education Program Award Society of Toxicology 2020
      • Henry and Sylvia Richardson Research Incentive Grant Iowa State University 2020
      • Student Attendance Grant Society of Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry 2020
      • Jean L. Laffoon Memorial Scholarship Iowa State University 2020 and 2017
      • Leadership Award Iowa State University 2019
      • The Joan Mosenthal DeWind Award Xerces Society 2019
      • Small Grants Prairie Biotic Research 2018
      • Graduate and Professional Student Senate Scholarship Iowa State University 2018
      • AGRO Division Education Award American Chemical Society 2017


      • Selection to the 2019 National ComSciCon Workshop (7% acceptance rate)
      • Winner of the 2019 General Science Post Category, Science Seeker