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  • University Of CA - Los Angeles, Doctor of Philosophy, 1998

Kelly Liu

Geosciences&Geological&Pet Eng
B-43 McNutt Hall

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  • University Of CA - Los Angeles, Doctor of Philosophy, 1998


Ph.D., Geophysics and Space Physics, 1998, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
M.S., Geophysics and Space Physics, UCLA, 1995
B.S., Exploration Geophysics, 1984, Department of Exploration, China University of Petroleum

2010- Professor, Missouri S&T
2006-2010 - Associate Professor, Missouri S&T
2005-2006 - Associate Professor, K-State
2000-2005 - Assistant Professor, K-State
1999-2000 - Adjunct Research Assistant Professor, K-State
1998-1999 - Post-doc, Carnegie Institution of Washington
1990-1992 - Visiting Scholar, UCLA
1984-1990 - Faculty, Exploration Geophysics, China University of Petroleum


Research interests

Exploration of Earth's interior using geophysical methods especially passive and active seismology. Research interests include oil and gas exploration, harzard mitigation, crustal thickness and composition, mantle velocity structure and dynamics, and crustal and mantle seismic anisotropy.

(Research keywords: Mantle flow; Asthenospheric flow; Seismic anisotropy; Continental crust; Mantle transition zone; Tibetan Plateau; Continental rift; Receiver functions; Poisson's ratio; Shear-wave splitting)