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Yijia Gu

Prof, ast
Materials Science & Engr
223 McNutt

573-341-4384 | yijia.gu@mst.edu | Scholars' Mine Profile


Dr. Gu received his PhD from the Pennsylvania State University. He received Graduate Excellence in Materials Science Diamond Award by American Ceramic Society in 2013. He published 26 journal articles and one book chapter as the first author or coauthor during his PhD study. Then, he launched his career at Alcoa Technial Center (ATC, now Arconic Technology Center), where he was first a Senior Engineer and then Staff Engineer. At ATC, he did all kinds of modeling work for alloy design and processing optimization, including both conventional route and additive manufacturing. He authored or coauthored 10 patent applications in the last two years.


Research interests

Additive manufacturing; computational materials science, including CALPHAD, phase-field and first-principles calculations; microstructure evolution for alloys and ferroelectrics; alloy design and process optimization.


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