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  • Louisiana State University, Doctor of Philosophy, 2010

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Nobuyuki Fukawa

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  • Louisiana State University, Doctor of Philosophy, 2010

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Nobuyuki Fukawa, Ph.D. is an associate professor of marketing at Missouri University of Science and Technology. He earned his B.A. from Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, Japan, Master of Marketing Research (M.M.R.) from the Coca-Cola Center for Marketing Studies at University of Georgia, and Ph.D. in Business Administration (Marketing) from Louisiana State University. Prior to his academic career, Nobu worked in sales and marketing at Dell Japan and Coca-Cola Company, Japan.

His latest research focuses on managerial issues on technology and innovation in marketing, such as Big Data and open-source strategy. Recently, he received M. Wayne DeLozier Best Conference Paper Award at 2018 Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. His article on Big Data consumer analytics was ranked as one of the five most downloaded Journal of Business Research articles by the publisher, Elsevier. Building on this article and creating a strategic partnership with a leading company of Big Data analytics, he developed a new course, Marketing Analytics. Furthermore, he has been recently invited as a guest speaker at a major analytics conference in the industry.

His research has been published in various journals, including Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Business Ethics, Psychology & Marketing, Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, and Journal of Advertising. He has presented his research at various conferences, including the Society of Consumer Psychology, Academy of Marketing Science, and Advertising and Consumer Psychology. He has taught Marketing Analytics, Marketing Strategy, Consumer Behavior, and Principle of Marketing.

Selected Publications:

Erevelles, Sunil, Nobuyuki Fukawa, and Linda Swayne (2016), Big Data Consumer Analytics and the Transformation of Marketing, the Journal of Business Research, 69 (2), 897-904.

Fukawa, Nobuyuki (2016), Priming Effects on Affective Preference for Healthy Products over
Unhealthy Products upon Brand Exposure, 22 (1), 34-53, Social Marketing Quarterly.

Fukawa, Nobuyuki and Ronald W. Niedrich (2015), The Effect of Supraliminal Primes on Semantic
Product Activation and the Fluency Heuristic, Psychology & Marketing, 32(11), 1061-1078.

Fukawa, Nobuyuki and Yanzhi Zhang (2015), Profit-sharing between an Open-source Firm and
Application Developers - Maximizing Profits from Applications and In-application
Advertisements, Industrial Marketing Management, 48, 111-120.

Fukawa, Nobuyuki and Sunil Erevelles (2014), Perceived Reasonableness in Service Encounters,
Journal of Business Ethics, 125 (3), 381-400.

Erevelles, Sunil and Nobuyuki Fukawa (2013), The Role of Affect in Personal Selling and Sales
Management, Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 33 (1), 7-24.

Erevelles, Sunil, Robert Roundtree, George M. Zinkhan, and Nobuyuki Fukawa (2008), The Concept
of Imaginative Intensity in Advertising, Journal of Advertising, 37 (4), 144-149.

Erevelles, Sunil, Thomas H. Stevenson, Shuba Srinivasan, and Nobuyuki Fukawa (2008), An Analysis of B2B Ingredient Co-Branding Relationships between Manufacturers and Suppliers, Industrial Marketing Management, 37 (8), 940-952.

Erevelles, Sunil, Veronica Horton, and Nobuyuki Fukawa (2008), Understanding B2C Brand
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Erevelles, Sunil, Veronica Horton, and Nobuyuki Fukawa (2007), Imagination in Marketing,
Marketing Management Journal, 17 (2), 109-119.


Research interests

Managerial marketing issues on innovation and technology (e.g., marketing analytics and open-source strategy)

The effects of conscious and non-conscious marketing cues on consumer memory, attitude and

"Reasonableness" at service encounters.