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  • Missouri University of Science, Master's Degree - 1st entry, 2011

Elizabeth Roberson

Prof, ast teach
English & Tech Communication
236 Humanities-Social Sciences

573-341-4681 | eroberson@mst.edu


  • Missouri University of Science, Master's Degree - 1st entry, 2011


Professor Roberson attended Drury University as an undergraduate student. There, she earned an Associate’s Degree in business administration, a Bachelor’s Degree in English, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing. She then attended Missouri S&T as a graduate student. While there, she both observed and taught English 3560 Technical Writing. Upon graduating with her master’s degree in technical communication, she then taught both English 3560 and English and Technical Communication 1600 Introduction to Technical Communication as an adjunct. In December 2011, she joined the Office of Graduate Studies as a technical editor. Within this position, she edited documents for graduate students. These documents included theses, dissertations, journal articles, and conference papers. During this time, she also taught Basic English Skills at Southwest Baptist University.

She left the Office of Graduate Studies in August 2015 to join the English and Technical Communication department as an assistant teaching professor. Within this position, she teaches English 1120 Exposition and Argumentation, English 1160 Writing and Research, English and Technical Communication 1600, English and Technical Communication 2540 Layout and Design, English and Technical Communication 2560 Technical Marketing, and English 3560. These courses are offered in a variety of formats, including seated, hybrid, and asynchronous online.

She has spoken at a number of conferences, including the Conference on College Composition and Communication. She also collaborates regularly with her colleagues on various projects, including course designs, intensive advising, and applied research.

Her favorite part about teaching is helping students communicate their knowledge and expertise to a wide variety of audiences. In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys reading various genres, watching classic tv, and walking her dog.

Awards and recognition


  • Institutional Faculty/Staff of the Month "For selflessly serving the Residence Halls during the month of April
  • 2021 CASB Teaching Award Working with students is rewarding for both faculty and students, and
    the College of Arts, Sciences, and Business wishes to honor that
    relationship with a Teaching Award. Nominators specifically
    highlighted the innovative changes made in redesigning TC 2560:
    Technical Marketing Communication, as well as the work done to
    improve English 1120 and English 1160. They also emphasized
    dedication to students' success and the great efforts made to connect
    with students, to provide meaningful feedback, and to reach them
    where they are, no matter where that is.


  • 150th Anniversary Poetry and Flash Fiction Contest: Award Certificate Missouri University of Science and Technology presented this
    certificate in special recognition for "Beautiful Lies," an original poem
    I entered into the 150th Anniversary Poetry and Flash Fiction Contest
    held at Missouri S&T in 2021.
  • CASB Student Impact Award Nomination Working with students is rewarding for faculty and students, and we
    wish to honor that relationship with a student impact awards. We
    believe that influence beyond the classroom and course content is
    crucial in shaping future professionals. This connection includes
    personal development, professional development, and impact on a
    student’s trajectory in life or in their perspective or insight. This award
    must take a number of students and student situations into account,
    so the nomination process will be different than others.


  • Credential in Effective College Instruction In ACUE's courses in effective teaching practices, educators learn
    about and implement the essential, evidence-based teaching practices
    shown to promote student success. Working across five
    comprehensive units of study, educators collaborate with peers,
    receive expert facilitation, and develop practices necessary to: 1.
    design an effective course 2. establish a productive learning
    environment 3. use active learning strategies 4. promote higher order
    thinking 5. assess in ways that inform and promote deeper levels of
    learning. These courses prepare educators in all of the core
    competencies defined in ACUE's Effective Practice Framework and
    lead to a Certificate in Effective College Instruction awarded in
    collaboration with the American Council on Education.
  • Online Teaching Certification Seminar: Excellence in Online Teaching