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  • The Pennsylvania State Univers, Doctor of Philosophy, 2013

Jessica Cundiff

Prof, asoc
Psychological Science
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  • The Pennsylvania State Univers, Doctor of Philosophy, 2013


I am a social psychologist with expertise in the psychology of gender, stereotyping, and discrimination. My research focuses on the psychological processes that contribute to social inequality, with an emphasis on subtle forms of bias – biases that are often unintentional and seemingly minor, yet consequential. My work aims to raise awareness about subtle bias and develop practical and effective solutions for improving social equity. Most recently my work has focused on understanding gender gaps in STEM participation and developing strategies for increasing diversity and inclusion in STEM fields.

I joined the faculty of Missouri University of Science and Technology as an Assistant Professor of Psychology in 2015. In addition to conducting research, I teach graduate and undergraduate courses in social psychology, social influence, general psychology, and psychology of gender.


Research interests

Stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination; subtle forms of bias; social identity threat; strategies for promoting diversity and inclusion; psychology of gender.


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