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  • University Of Arizona, Doctor of Philosophy, 2002

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  • University Of Arizona, Doctor of Philosophy, 2002

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Dr. Michael Bruening received his PhD in 2002 from the Division for Late Medieval and Reformation Studies at the University of Arizona. Before coming to Missouri S&T, he taught at Concordia University in Irvine, California. He came to Missouri S&T in 2007, where he teaches courses on European history from ancient Rome through the early modern period. He is currently the interim chair of the Department of History and Political Science and in 2018-2019 served as the President of the Faculty Senate.

Dr. Bruening's research specializes in the history of the Reformation, particularly Calvinism and the Reformation in French-speaking Europe. His first book, _Calvinism's First Battleground_ (Springer, 2005), explores the early Reformation in the Pays de Vaud, the area of French-speaking Switzerland next to Geneva. This book has also been translated into French as _Le premier champs de bataille du Calvinisme_ (Antipodes, 2011). His second book, _Epistolae Petri Vireti_ (Droz, 2012) is a critical edition of the previously unedited correspondence of the Swiss Protestant reformer, Pierre Viret, head pastor of Lausanne, Switzerland, and one of John Calvin's closest associates. In 2017, Dr. Bruening published a primary source reader for courses on the Reformation, titled _A Reformation Sourcebook: Documents from an Age of Debate_ (University of Toronto, 2017).

Dr. Bruening's current research project focuses on Calvin's evangelical opponents in Francophone Europe. His book on the subject, provisionally entitled Refusing to Kiss the Slipper_, will be published with Oxford University Press. It will be the first narrative of the Francophone Reformation told from the perspective not of the Calvinists but of their Protestant enemies. He is also working on an open-access, online critical edition of Sebastian Castellio's correspondence, which may be found on Dr. Bruening's S&T web page.


Expertise areas

Reformation, Calvinism, Church history, Calvin, Viret, Castellio

Awards and recognition


  • Fulbright Scholar, France In 2016, I was a Fulbright Scholar associated with the University of Paris-