Schmidt, Michael S.
 Engineering Mgt & Sys Engr
 223 Engineering Management
 ROLLA, MO 65409

Babson College, Master of Business Admin, 1990

MS ChE, 1985, University of Missouri-Rolla
P.E. in Missouri, Alabama, Kansas, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Washington

Mike and the team he works with at Bluefield Process Safety provide safety lifecycle consulting to the chemical process industries, both by working with industrial clients and by training others to do that work. His expertise includes facilitating HazOps and other forms of Process Hazard Analysis, facilitating Layer of Protection Analysis, working with organizations to establish Risk Tolerance Criteria, developing Safety Requirements Specifications for Burner Management Systems and other Safety Instrumented Systems, performing SIL verification calculations, and assisting with PSM compliance.

With a career in the CPI that began in 1977 with Union Carbide, Mike was profoundly impacted by the 1984 tragedy in Bhopal and has been working on process safety ever since. Mike founded Bluefield Process Safety in 2008. Since 2009, he has been on the faculty at Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, Missouri, where he teaches graduate courses on safety engineering and process risk management, training almost a hundred engineering students every year.
Mike blogs and frequently publishes and presents articles and papers on process safety, particularly in the areas of Layer of Protections Analysis, Risk Tolerance Criteria, and Safety Instrumented System design. Most recently, he authored Atmospheric Tank Failures: Mechanisms and an Unexpected Case Studyâ?? which was published in Process Safety Progress.

Mike received his bachelor of science and master of science degrees in chemical engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla and a master of business administration degree from Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Research Interests
Process safety, risk tolerance criteria, Layer of Protection Analysis, Process Hazard Analysis