Mormile, Melanie R.
 Biological Sciences
 M-2 Schrenk Hall
 ROLLA, MO 65409

University Of Oklahoma, Norman, Doctor of Philosophy, 1995

Environmental Microbiologist
Faculty Excellence Award (2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008)
Missouri University of Science and Technology's Woman of the Year (2008)

Research Interests
Acidophiles, Alkaliphiles, Anaerobic Metabolism, Antibiotic Resistance, Astrobiology, Biodegradation, Bio-Energy Production Bioremediation, Environmental Microbiology, Evaporites, Extremophilic Bacteria, Fluid Inclusions in Salt, Halo-alkaline Lakes, Halophilic Bacteria, Halotolerant Bacteria, Hydrogen, Hypersaline Environments, Soap Lake-Washington State, Acidic Saline Lakes of Southern Western Australia

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