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 Fang, Hanqing
 Business & Information Tech
 101 Fulton Hall
 ROLLA, MO 65409

Mississippi State University, Doctor of Philosophy, 2016

Dr. Fang's research primarily focuses on family firms, entrepreneurship, and strategic management. His works have appeared or are forthcoming in journals such as Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, Global Strategy Journal, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Small Business Economics, Journal of Small Business Management, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, Management Decision, Family Relations, among others. He has received Best Paper Award, Best Family Business Paper Award, Best Practitioner Paper Award and Honorable Mention and other scholarship in the U.S. Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) conference, Family Enterprise Research Conference (FERC), Family-Owned Business Institute (FOBI) and others. He receives Family Firm Institute (FFI) Best Dissertation Award in 2017. He also receives the Outstanding Reviewer Award for Family Business Review journal in 2018.

Dr. Fang serves in the Editorial Review Broad for Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (Financial Times Journal List). In addition, He is serving or served as track -chair or -organizer in academic conferences such as United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, European Academy of Management conference and Small Business Institute conference.

Selected Peer-Review Journal Publications (full vitae available upon request):

Fang, H., Siau, K.L., Memili, E. & Dou, J. (Forthcoming). Cognitive antecedents of family business bias in investment decisions: A commentary on "Risky decisions and the family firm bias: An experimental study based on prospect theory" by Lude and Prugl. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

Fang, H., Kotlar, J., Memili, E., Chrisman, J. J., & De Massis, A. (2018). The pursuit of international opportunities in family firms: Generational differences and the role of knowledge-based resources. Global Strategy Journal, 8(1), 136-157.

Memili, E., Fang, H. Koc, B., Yildirim-Oktem, O., & Sonmez, S. (2018). Sustainability practices of family firms: The interplay between family ownership and long-term orientation. Journal of Sustainable Tourism , 26(1), 9-28.

Chen, S., Fang, H., MacKenzie, N. G., Carter, S., Chen, L., & Wu, B. (2018). Female leadership in contemporary Chinese family firms. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 35(1), 181-211.

Fang, H., Memili, E., Chrisman, J. J., & Penney, C. (2017). Industry and Information Asymmetry: The case of the employment of non-family managers in small and medium-sized family firms. Journal of Small Business Management , 55(4), 632-648.

Fang, H., Memili, E., Van de Graaff Randolph, R. & Chrisman, J.J. (2016). Does size matter? The moderating effects of firm size on the employment of non-family managers in privately-held family SMEs. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 40(5), 1017-1039.

Memili, E., Fang, H., Chrisman, J. J., & De Massis, A. (2015). The impact of small-and medium-sized family firms on economic growth. Small Business Economics, 45(4), 771-785.

Memili, E., Fang, H., & Welsh, D. H. (2015). Value creation and value appropriation in innovation process in publicly-traded family firms. Management Decision, 53(9), 1921-1952.

Chrisman, J. J., Fang, H., Kotlar, J., & De Massis, A. (2015). A note on family influence and the adoption of discontinuous technologies in family firms. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 32(3), 384-388.

Kotlar, J., Fang, H., De Massis, A., & Frattini, F. (2014). Profitability goals, control goals, and the R&D investment decisions of family and nonfamily firms. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 31(6), 1128-1145.

Kotlar, J., De Massis, A., Fang, H., & Frattini, F. (2014). Strategic reference points in family firms. Small Business Economics, 43(3), 597-619.

Research Interests
Entrepreneurship, Family Business, Strategic Management