Al-Assaf, Adel
 Civil, Arch & Environ Engr
 211 Butler Carlton Hall
 ROLLA, MO 65409

Washington State University, Doctor of Engineering, 2007

â?¢ An Assistant Professor instructs graduate and undergraduate Structural Engineering courses, Mechanics of Materials, Structural Analysis and Finite Element Analysis.
â?¢ Had an experience in the design of highway Bridges; worked for a reputable US Engineering Firm. Conducted Load Rating, seismic retrofitting, structural analysis and design of Highway Bridges.
â?¢ Worked for several international development agencies; conducted Natural Disaster Risk Assessment and Reduction studies and developing Disaster Risk Reduction Strategies,
â?¢ Masters the concepts and strategies of Sustainability and Green Design, including integrating structural systems with Green and sustainable building designs,
â?¢ A Founding Member and an ex-Vice Chairman of the Jordan Green Building Council; under the Umbrella of the World Green Building Council.